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about us

We help companies make positive environmental changes to be environmentally sustainable. However, we are more than a typical environmental consultancy as we advise on how to implement these changes and make them stick. Environmental sustainability and behavioural change go hand in hand. Companies can introduce great environmental initiatives as part of their environmental strategy but without people adopting them they can fail, and this is where Plan It for the Future can support you. Let’s start planning and implement these changes the right way to protect the environment for future generations.

our approach

Is logical and effective.
We focus on what changes you can make in the areas of resource use, waste management, carbon footprint and modern working environment. You may have a strategy already in place that we can work with or alternatively we can help you create one. We will then work with you to create and implement these plans to be environmentally sustainable. We will also support you with measuring the changes you have implemented.
Define your vision and strategy
Implement your plans
Create detailed plans

areas of focus

Resource Use
Carbon Footprint
Waste Management
Modern Working Environment

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